“I want you to climb the ladder of success I want you to move forward. Excellence is a habit, it’s not that hard to do. It’s just amazing what will happen. All of us end up somewhere some of us end up there on purpose”
–Howie Danzik


Howie and Theresa Danzik have accomplished the seemingly unimaginable. With businesses in 20 countries and all 50 states, they’ve individually built financial independence. The Danziks have mastered the skills needed to effectively reclaim their freedom.


“Take your eyes off yourself and put them on other people when you’re struggling.”
–Theresa Danzik


These three things are important when it comes to serving people:

1. Sowing spare time
2. Sowing spare money
3. Sowing a servant life


Howie Danzik hails from humble beginnings. He and his younger brother were raised outside of Philadelphia by a strong, single mother. Although Howie was an average student, athletics were his true passion. He boxed in southern Philadelphialy for a while, but knew his heart belonged to the field. Baseball was the first thing in his life that he devoted focus, determination, and full commitment to. Initially, he used baseball to keep himself busy and out of trouble, but in high school, his exceptional pitching talent became fodder for scouting agents. After an unfortunate sports injury that ended his athletic career, Howie set a new goal: to graduate from college. He waited tables to put himself through both undergraduate and graduate schooling in order to pursue a career in sSports mMedicine. Howie dreamed of opening his own practice, where he could make enough money to comfortably meet his needs. His dream became a reality, however, a few years into his private practice, he realized that he wasn’t happy. Those stressful 80+ hour work weeks were getting the best of him. He knew that if he continued on that path, not only would he soon burn out, but he’d also never reach true financial freedom. He wanted the freedom to enjoy his friends and family without the constant worry of finances. When speaking on his entrepreneurial beginnings, Howie said, “I’m a pretty average guy. I had no skills when I got in the business. I studied my mentor, then just focused on doing some basic steps and obviously, it worked.”.

Theresa Danzik is a successful wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Howie lovingly boasts, “Sshe’s the most successful woman I’ve ever met.”. But this isn’t how her story began. As a 20-something, she felt comforted by the opportunity to help her father manage his insurance company. Still, on occasion, she wondered whether the career path she was currently on would afford her the lifestyle she hoped to one day achieve. As most of us do, Theresa found the idea of a normal, late-age retirement to be a tedious road that wouldn’t lead her to her dreams. Inspired by her brother, she decided to take control of her financial life. The self-described “compromiser, who was content with getting by with 70% effort”, took her shot at financial freedom and ran with it. She gave up all vices and distractions and dedicated herself to being focused on growing her business. In just two2 years, Theresa reached her goals ten times over. She no longer had to work daily or worry about her financial future – she was free.

Howie and Theresa were corporate acquaintances for a few years, but their friendship grew into romance in 1996, after a sweet summer stroll through Grand Rapids. During that walk, Theresa asked Howie, “So, when did you accept Christ?” He replied, “April 4th, 1991”. That date just so happened to be the same exact day that she accepted Christ, unbeknownst to Howie. Stunned by what had to be more than a coincidence, Theresa knew God was answering her prayers. After spending six6 hours eagerly chatting on the phone that night, the pair embarked upon their long-distance love story. They spent the next few months building their relationship through phone conversations. To help them remain focused on their businesses, Howie and Theresa waited for business functions and speaking engagements to see each other in person. To Theresa’s delight, on Christmas Eve of 1996, Howie proposed. They celebrated the merry occasion on a boat appropriately named “The American Dream”. In 1997, the couple got married. Though these two wildly successful business owners had built their wealth independently before meeting, their marriage resulted in a doubling of their income overnight. They instantly became a shining example of a powerhouse couple. Theresa and Howie now live happily in Colorado with their beautiful family.

In June of 2012, the Danzik’s’ house fell victim to the Waldo Canyon Fires of Colorado Springs. While the family was able to safely evacuate the area prior to the flames reaching their home, the custom house that they’d designed, lived in, and grown to love was now nothing more than a pile of ash. Such a tragic event could’ve turned their lives entirely upside down— but it didn’t. Theresa and Howie chose to be grateful. Because of the financial freedom that their business created, they were able to quickly handle their affairs, relocate to a new home, and maintain a sense of calm. There was no worry about taking time off from work, or wondering how to replace everything they lost – they were able to stay in control. When asked why he didn’t harbor negative feelings about the fire, Howie said,


“If anything, we felt humbled by the overwhelming love and support from everyone. We believe in going from glory to glory. We’ve always done it, we’ve always believed it, and it’s right there for you. Don’t misunderstand what having financial freedom can do for you.”

Howie and Theresa DanzikHowie and Theresa Danzik | Life Coaching and Business Ownership