3 Active Traditions You Can Start With Your Family

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Fitness

There are so many traditions that get passed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s how you set the table or the way you tell certain stories, every family has their own quirky, unique way of doing things. Where do all of those traditions stem from, though? Someone had to start them. If you want to leave a legacy of being a fit, health-conscious family, you can start right now by instituting these three easy, active traditions.

On your marks, get set, let’s go get fit together!

Go on Family Walks Once a Week

Walking is a great form of mild exercise that you can do, no matter how exhausted or overworked you feel. Going for a quick 30-minute walk with your entire family at least once a week can be a restorative and rejuvenating experience for everyone involved.

You can get away from your screens, and really connect with and talk to your spouse and your kids on a meaningful level. Setting up the tradition of going on weekly walks with the whole family sets the precedent for positive connections for years to come.

Find a Team Sport You All Love

It’s perfectly healthy and normal for each of your kids to explore their own interests and to thrive in different areas. It’s actually encouraged that they develop those fundamental differences, so they can form unique senses of self.

But, if you really want to bond with your family and start a new, active tradition that sticks, try finding common ground in the form of a sport you all enjoy. You’ll love being able to look back fondly on memories of the whole family playing badminton together—or whichever sport you end up choosing!

Stay Zen Together

Modern life is hectic enough. Not every activity you pick to try out with your family has to be 100 percent go-go-go. Try slowing things down once in a while and get in touch with your inner zen as a family.

You could try family yoga, look into pilates, or give something way out there like synchronized swimming a try. The point is to make a lasting connection with your spouse and kids that centers around getting healthy together and finding active traditions. However that looks to you is perfectly wonderful.