3 Holiday Mantras You Should Implement into Your Daily Life

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Family

The holidays are loaded with positive messages. Everything from Christmas carols and family Christmas cards to the commercials you hear on T.V. contains the good wishes that are so characteristic of the holiday season. But these good-intentioned reminders should be heard more often than one month of the year. Make an honest effort to bring the holiday spirit into your everyday life by keeping the holiday mantras alive year-round. Here are 3 holiday mantras you should implement in your daily life.

Joy to the world

Joy to the world is perhaps one of the most iconic sayings of the Christmas season. And for a very good reason. Bringing joy to those around is the best way to celebrate the holiday season. But it’s important to understand the word “joy” in order to let this mantra define your living and your life. Joy is often times used interchangeably with the word “happiness.” However, it’s important to note that joy is so much more than a form of happiness. While happiness is that pleasant and cheery state of being, joy is a feeling that stays with you and can be felt by yourself and shared with others at the same time.

So bring this mantra into your daily life by making and effort to truly share your joy with everyone you interact with.

Be merry and bright

Likewise, the words “merry” and “bright” have become iconic to the Christmas season. But if you incorporate this phrase into the rest of your year, take a moment to decide what this phrase means to you. Maybe to you, being merry all year long means reaching out to others to positively influence them in any way you can. And perhaps maintaining a bright spirit throughout the year means constantly radiating whatever values are important to you and your family––radiate grace in everything you do, radiate optimism to those who may be lacking some, and radiate happiness like you’re made of the stuff.

It’s better to give than to receive

The spirit of giving is never stronger than it is during the holiday season. But your community is in need all year long. Become a beacon of hope to others by living out this mantra in your daily life and adopt a giving mindset every single day. By keeping this holiday mantra in mind all year long, you will experience the truest form of joy by helping the people who need it most.

The holidays are filled with all kinds of positive reminders to truly make this season one of the most wonderful times of the year. But keep these holiday mantras in mind all year long to keep the spirit alive in your daily life.