3 Unique Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Family, Food

The Fourth of July is often associated with fireworks, parades, and parties. All of these are great and are tons of fun. But this year, mix it up and make find new traditions with your friends and family. We’ve picked out some unique ways to celebrate the Fourth of July that surely won’t disappoint.

Participate in a Race

Hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream are just a few of the wonderful foods we love to eat on the Fourth of July. Start your morning by participating in a race before you start celebrating with these delicious foods. Most road races support a nonprofit organization, so it’s also another way to give back to your fellow Americans. There are races for everyone from kids to seasoned runners. So whether you walk, jog, or run, get out and stay active!

Chili Cook Off

Host a chili cook-off with your friends, family, or neighbors and set off some culinary fireworks with your dynamite chili recipe. Don’t like chili? No problem! Have a bake-off or recipe contest. Find a food that people would be excited to compete with. It’s a great way to get to know people and fuel some friendly competition.

Float Down a River

July is hot and not everyone is up for braving the heat. Many national parks and rivers have areas that are available for floating and cooling off. All you need is an inner tube, a swimsuit, and a sense of adventure. If you don’t have a local spot for floating, then head to a water park, lake, or pool for other great ways to cool off this Fourth of July!

Whether you keep it traditional with fireworks and BBQ’s or mix it up with chili cook-offs and road races, we hope you have a fun Fourth of July!