4 Pointers To Keep Your Fitness Goals In Perspective

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Fitness

Waking up on a Monday morning can be buzzing with eager intentions or leave a feeling of dread. There is no doubt that a long week is looming ahead, but if done properly, the seven upcoming days can be overflowing with potential to accomplish and surpass your fitness goals. If you are organized going into the week, it is feasible to intertwine little victories amongst work and family chaos. While diet and exercise vary in effectiveness per body type, here are four tips that can amplify your chances of success in creating your best self.

Figure Out Your Why
Workouts carry weight only when they are appropriately executed in a routine. Jumping on the treadmill for an hour isn’t going to be your saving grace if you’re looking to build large amounts of muscle. Calorie surplus is sometimes the opposite of what you need when losing weight. You have your heart set on a new you. So, what does that mean in one idea?

Figure out your why for the process and decide what your “finish line” will be. Whether it’s weight, health concerns, self-confidence, children, or a miscellaneous reason, jot a complete thought in a place you will need to see it often to act as constant reminder of why you initiated a change. Guilty of secretly hitting the drive through on the way home? Pop a sticky note on your steering wheel. Late night snacking? Yep, you guessed it – put that note on the refrigerator door. Remember, it’s not punishment. It’s a promise to a better you.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
At the start of a fresh fitness cycle, outline your workouts. If you’re rising before the sun or wrapping up a work day, you may not be in a state to compose an effective workout. Or even, you’re flat out too tired. Remove unnecessary stress by preplanning what you will focus on with each visit. Prolonging the decisions, or worse – showing up without a plan – can lead to lost idling wandering in between machines. Avoid losing valuable time at the gym. As little as 30 minutes a day can lead to tremendous results.

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin
We’ve all read an article or seen a person that sparks our desire to change. Our eyes are skimming the page, but our minds have already thought of a dozen things to give the boot to have our dream self. Don’t put more weight on the bar than you can lift. During your workout planning, also make note of one aspect that you desire to change each week. They could be as simple as making it to the gym three times the first week for 30 minutes, and increasing it to 45 minute sessions the second week. Make them realistic in order to keep your energy and motivation high. Wins in your fitness journey should always be recognized.

Good Old R’n’R
Refueling and refreshing your body is as essential as training your muscles. Fueling your body with proper nutrients and replenishing your muscles after workouts are key to maintaining high energy levels and reducing damage in muscles. Connect with a local trainer or nutritionist to learn how to supplement your fitness journey internally. Growing stronger does not make you invincible against exhaustion.

It takes nearly a month for your body to adapt to changes and before you begin to see results. Define what you aspire to be and take the challenge little by little to lead to the biggest transformation to the best you. Want to push yourself on a daily basis? Take a peek at our tips on how to increase your daily exercise doing what you already do.