5 Easy Ways to Fit More Exercise Into Your Day

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Fitness

How many times have you told yourself that your new exercise routine starts next week? Chances are, probably more than you’d like to admit. And we get it. It’s hard to make time for fitness when your life is already busy as it is. But maybe you’re overthinking it. You don’t have to attend a circuit workout class five times a week to live a more active life. Make a commitment to yourself to just incorporate more exercise into the day-to-day activities you already do. Here are five easy ways to fit more exercise into your day.


Start each day the right way with some morning stretches before you open your phone and check your email. If you make an effort to move right when you wake up in the morning, you’ll give your body a jumpstart to your movement goals for the day, and you’ll get into the habit of moving from the get-go.

Park farther away

Increase your walking distance wherever you go. If you’re doing some grocery shopping, park in the back of the parking lot. If you’re headed to the office, switch up your normal parking spot with one that’s a bit farther away.

Speed walk your errands

Burn more calories throughout the day by speed walking whenever possible. If you need to run errands, speed walk from store to store. On your lunch break? Speed walk to the coffee shop across the street. The faster you move, the more activity your body will complete each day.

Take the stairs

Skip elevators altogether––or at least whenever possible. Take the stairs at the office, at the doctor, and at the mall. It may not seem like a trip up the stairs will make much difference in your daily activity, but a little cardio is better than no cardio at all.

Make the most of stationary time

If you find yourself sitting at your office desk for too long or you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking in the oven, make the most of stationary time. Keep some dumbbells at your desk for some added exercise on long conference calls or do some calf raises, squats, or lunges whenever when you’re waiting for dinner to be ready. Bottom line? Just move whenever you can.

If you make small changes to fit more exercise into your day, you will start living a more active lifestyle with almost no effort at all.