Becoming More Coachable 

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Personal Development

Becoming more coachable means that you’re open and excited about the opportunity to grow. It means you’ve committed to joining forces with someone who you can trust and who’s already achieved some of the success you’re striving for. Congratulations on taking this step! Most great leaders also have a great coach , so, if leadership is on your radar, you’re on the right path. Becoming more coachable is a wonderful way to develop grit and to go far! How do you become more coachable and best utilize your coaches? Read on to learn some of our top strategies. 

What makes a good coach? 

Let’s start by analyzing what qualities a good coach should possess. Remember that you always have a say in your relationship with your coach, and you want it to be a good match for everyone involved. Be mindful of how engaged they are to ensure your coach is the best example for you. Observe if they’re implementing the advice they’ve prescribed. Are they actively pursuing new opportunities? Are they putting into practice the tips they’re passing along to you? Ask them what they’re currently reading and what their typical day looks like to get a better sense of whether or not your values align. They should feel like not only a coach, but your biggest fan and cheerleader—encouraging you and pulling you forward.   

Earn their time and trust.  

It’s important to show your coach that you respect and value their time. When you’ve made arrangements to get together—show up early and prepared. Recognize that their time is valuable … and so is yours! Come ready with detailed questions and ideas. Don’t waste time giving excuses or coming up with reasons you didn’t get things done. Be honest, open, and ready to learn. If you had “homework” assigned to you at your last discussion, make sure you’ve completed it! After you’ve briefly caught them up on what’s going on with your life, be quiet, and listen attentively. Being respectful of other’s time will foster trust and indicate that you’re worth investing in.   

Stay rooted and unified.  

Once you’ve confirmed that your relationship with your coach feels like a good fit, go all in! Plug in to what they say, take note of the suggestions they offer, and be open to trying new things (read even more tips, here). If you want different results (this is likely why you sought them out in the first place), be open to implementing new strategies and accepting tough feedback. Even if their suggestions sound too hard, such as getting up earlier when you’re not a morning person or talking to new people when you’re an introvert … commit to the process. Stay on the same team with your new coach as you work toward a common goal of improvement and success.  

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Ask for perspective, not permission. 

Keep in mind, however, that you’re an adult. While the point of attaining a helpful coach is to ask for guidance and direction, ultimately, your behavior is your decision. Take their advice with a grain of salt knowing that we’re all individuals and their journey will always be slightly different from our own. Be gracious and grateful for the opportunity to learn from your coach and trust that they have your best interest at heart. 

As you’re becoming more coachable, be sure to avoid people who bring you down. Read our top tips, here.