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Business Ownership

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Do you have a favorite company or brand that just makes you happy? A pastry shop that has you smiling every time you walk in or a locally-owned gift store you always visit when you need a present? Your loyalty toward these businesses likely goes beyond the actual...

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FoodHealth & Beauty

The Power of Chia Seeds 

No matter the time of day, we love enjoying the delicious addition of chia seeds into our diet. We know you will, too! Read on for tasty recipes and to learn about the surprising ingredient in one of our favorite skincare products.*   Chia in the...

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Health & Beauty

The Little Extras Go a Long Way 

Whether it’s standing a little taller, smiling a little wider, or adding a little extra color with the perfect lipstick for your skin tone—extra touches go a long way in inspiring confidence and success. No matter what the weather is up to or how badly you felt...

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Conquering Your First Marathon 

You started out wanting to get into jogging, then you tackled a 5K, a 10K, and half-marathon. What’s your next step? A full marathon! This is a big jump as it’s double the distance of what you’ve likely run in the past, but what an amazing challenge! We’ve broken...

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The Benefits of Serving Others 

When you serve others with your time, talents, and expertise, you experience the joy of witnessing them grow, in addition to several other benefits.    Serving others keeps you grounded.    It’s so easy to get caught up in your own...

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Personal Development

Becoming More Coachable 

Becoming more coachable means that you’re open and excited about the opportunity to grow. It means you’ve committed to joining forces with someone who you can trust and who’s already achieved some of the success you’re striving for. Congratulations on taking this...

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Trying To Lose Weight? Eat More Of These Food

One of the simplest ways to gauge a person’s health is by his or her weight. Although it can be deceiving, there is still a lot you can tell about one’s physical health by its outward appearance. This is why if you wish to keep your body strong and disease-free,...

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