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Health & Beauty

Summer Sun Essentials 

When we’re in “summer mode,” it’s easy to forget about the basics: wear sunscreen, stay in the shade, hydrate. While these are simple reminders, they’re important to the health of you and your skin. Read on for our collection of summertime tips to keep you safe and...

A pair of black polarized sunglasses sits open atop a sandy beach with blue water glistening in the background.

Hosting a Summer Hangout 

There’s something about summer that makes us want to wipe off the lawn furniture, pull out the bocce ball, and hangout with friends. Whether it’s a casual get-together with neighbors or a more structured dinner with your team, take the guessing out of what’s...

An elegant table is set with glass wear, flower vases, and a variety of summer fruits and vegetable dishes. 
Personal Development

Time Management Hacks 

We’re all crunched for time and there never seems to be quite enough hours in the day. However, by establishing essential time management strategies, you’ll get things done while remaining productive, calm, and accomplished.   Value your time.   One...

An hourglass timer sits next to a vintage brown book and purple daisies.
Personal Development

The Freedom of Forgiveness  

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past—but you sure do change the future.” - Bernard Meltzer   Let’s be honest. Forgiving others is hard. And asking someone for forgiveness can be even harder. But the peace of mind, happiness, and growth that...

Two rows of cocoons hang on two horizontal branches at various levels of development. A colorful butterfly with outstretched wings also sits on the branch.

Why Leaders Leave Their Ego at the Door 

There’s nothing more humbling than looking out at a giant canyon. You suddenly feel so small and insignificant compared to the massive rocks around you. If we ever want to scale these rocks, we would need an entire team supporting us. The vastness of the boulders...

A man in a yellow t-shirt and khaki-colored hat looks out over a big canyon with a cloud-dappled sky above him.

Giving 5 Star Service, Every Time  

Competition is everywhere. With the rise of online services, customers can purchase products 24/7. And when they have issues with ordering these items, they’re no longer impressed when they experience good customer service. They expect it. Every. Time. So, how do...

Hands are cupped around a pile of delicate white flowers.
Personal Development

Three Ways to Regain Your Focus 

We’re pulled in a million directions all the time—from work tasks to family jobs to personal projects. Not only this, but our minds are constantly distracted by notifications dinging, emails coming in, and our thoughts wandering off to other places. What’s for...

A cairn sits in the middle of a sandy beach with waves crashing just beyond it.
Business Ownership

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Do you have a favorite company or brand that just makes you happy? A pastry shop that has you smiling every time you walk in or a locally-owned gift store you always visit when you need a present? Your loyalty toward these businesses likely goes beyond the actual...

A cappuccino with the word “Yeah!” spelled out in its froth sits on a grey wooden table.
FoodHealth & Beauty

The Power of Chia Seeds 

No matter the time of day, we love enjoying the delicious addition of chia seeds into our diet. We know you will, too! Read on for tasty recipes and to learn about the surprising ingredient in one of our favorite skincare products.*   Chia in the...

A silver spoon overflows with a big scoop of chia seeds in front of a white bowl.
Health & Beauty

The Little Extras Go a Long Way 

Whether it’s standing a little taller, smiling a little wider, or adding a little extra color with the perfect lipstick for your skin tone—extra touches go a long way in inspiring confidence and success. No matter what the weather is up to or how badly you felt...

A close of a vibrant yellow flower with a pink tint toward the center.