Giving 5 Star Service, Every Time  

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Service

Competition is everywhere. With the rise of online services, customers can purchase products 24/7. And when they have issues with ordering these items, they’re no longer impressed when they experience good customer service. They expect it. Every. Time. So, how do you guarantee your clients keep coming back? Continue to wow them with your professional demeanor, sincere concern, and positive attitude. Here’s how! 

Be welcoming. 

When a customer has a question or concern, pay attention! Encourage them to communicate all feedback, good or bad. You’re there to provide them with information, support, and (hopefully) answers. If you approach your conversation with a can-do attitude, you’ll both feel great about the interaction, even if you can’t provide the exact answer they’re looking for. You can still make them feel special by giving them your undivided attention and working to find the best solution possible.  

Have a winning attitude.  

Ensure that the customer knows that you appreciate their business as well as the business that you’re working for/with. You want to gain their trust and respect while doing your best to solve their problem. If you’re talking to them on the phone, radiate confidence. If they’re making a request that goes outside of the company’s policy, never blame the company. It might be tempting to say, “it’s not my fault …” but that shows a disloyalty to your company and sends a confusing message to the customer you’re talking to. Instead, feel proud to be a part of the organization that you represent. Help the client to understand the company’s side of things as you provide them with alternative solutions.  

Listen to hear, not to react.  

One of the most important skills in customer service is the ability to really listen. As you’re engaging with a customer, don’t focus on how you’re about to respond, but on what they’re actually saying. This way you won’t miss any inflections in their voice or subtle body language clues that alert you to their true intention. For instance, a customer might tell you that “everything’s fine” as they cross their arms, look down, and shrug. While their words indicate that everything is okay, their body language shows otherwise. This is where you follow up by asking them what specifically they’re enjoying about your product or services or what feedback they have. Asking them an open-ended question will give them space to let you know how they truly feel.  

A gasoline-type gauge with a frowning face, straight-lined face, and happy face are on top of a red background. An arrow points to the happy face.


Providing great customer service isn’t about memorizing scripts or faking a smile. It’s about a sincere desire to provide awesome service to others. If a customer seems upset, they might just have mistaken expectations of what your product or service does. Use your discussion as an opportunity to educate them as you provide them with answers and assurance. By being welcoming, keeping a positive attitude, and really listening—we’re confident you’ll go above and beyond the service they expect.  

Whether it’s over the phone, via email, or in person—providing amazing customer service is a wonderful way to serve others. Read about the benefits of serving others, here.