Howie and Theresa Danzik™: Faith, Family, Positivity, and  Integrity.

Howie and Theresa Danzik stand arm-in-arm in front of a beautiful seaside landscape with the waves rolling in. Howie is wearing a blue and orange Hawaiian shirt and Theresa is wearing an orange dress with a white bracelet.

Howie and Theresa have been partners in business and in marriage for over 25 years! They both share a passion for giving generously and living fully. They enjoy helping their community, eating amazing food, and spending quality time together and with their extended family.


For the Danziks, faith is paramount. They attribute their many blessings, such as financial success and good physical health, as an amazing gift from God. Even when setbacks get in their way, like when their home burnt down in a fire, they remain steadfast in their faith. They view their ability to help lead and impact others as one of the best ways they can demonstrate God’s love.


Howie and Theresa are grateful to have a large extended family in addition to three kids of their own—and they try to get together often. Much of their family lives in Hawaii, so they’ve made a commitment to visiting them during the winter months. This provides a wonderful way to stay connected, as well as an opportunity to escape Colorado’s cold winter climate. Many of their family members are in the same business as them, so it’s especially fun to share similar goals and dreams together.

Howie and Theresa Danzik walk on the beach hand-in-hand while smiling and laughing.


By viewing “their cup” as not only half full, but filled to the brim and overflowing, the Danziks keep a positive attitude and are extremely grateful for everything that comes their way. Their infectious optimism provides extra encouragement to their friends, family, and team, too!


Others often describe the Danziks as consistent and dependable. They’re true to their word, and their team relies on them to always follow through on whatever they say they’ll do. Howie and Theresa have managed to find a healthy balance of being ready and willing to have fun, while also staying predictable, honest, and genuine individuals.


Most of all, Howie and Theresa are out to make an impact! They value maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that they’re at their peak to be the best parents, entrepreneurs, and leaders they can be. By using their time efficiently and finding a balance of hard work, play, and time to rejuvenate, the Danziks create well-rounded success for themselves while also helping others to achieve their dreams.

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