Our Family

“Write this on the gates and your door post that the days of your children, and your days, will be days of heaven upon the Earth.”
Deuteronomy 11:20-21

Howie and Theresa Danzik highlight family as their greatest source of joy. After marrying in 1997 and unifying their separate businesses, the lovely couple decided to start a family of their own: they had three beautiful children – two sons and a daughter. Because of the financial freedom they’d earned, they’d already established a lifestyle that allowed them to retire from their former careers. Consequently, Howie and Theresa were able to be full-time parents. As the children grew, their parents made sure to pass down all the knowledge and skills that they’d learned along the way as business owners. Every day, the couple purposefully incorporated conversations about entrepreneurship, success principles, people skills, stewardship, money and time management, leadership, and servant leadership. In addition to learning business skills, the importance of having a strong work ethic, along with the ability to dream, was a repeated theme in the Danzik house. Theresa often shares heartwarming stories of how insightful and bright their kids truly are. Theresa and Howie chose to home-school their children before transferring them to a private Christian school. Both options made available through financial freedom. Now that the kids are older, they are each branching out in their own way, boldly making their mark on the world and pursuing their dreams.

Theresa and Howie strongly believe in being daily models of how to impact lives, love family unconditionally and devote their efforts to causes greater than themselves. The Danziks love being able to bless different causes and ministries, giving generously on every occasion, and supporting many organizations annually and monthly. Theresa says, “It’s a joy being able to give to the causes and places we love.” In conjunction with being selfless members of society, Theresa and Howie also make sure to take care of their parents and siblings. Three to four months out of every year, the Danzik family vacates Colorado to stay in Hawaii, where Theresa’s family lives. Theresa thoroughly appreciates being able to travel back home to Hawaii any time to spoil her family and parents, which was a big dream. The Danziks didn’t stop there though. They’ve bought Theresa’s dad and sister a new car, and regularly treat them to all expenses paid trips. Family is everything.

Howie and Theresa DanzikOur Family