Show You Care: Make Sharing a Way of Life 

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Personal Development

While we don’t recommend sharing germs, unwanted opinions, or unsolicited advice, sharing is typically a wonderful way to show you care. We believe that sharing can (and should!) remain a way of life far beyond the “sharing is caring” motto we learned in kindergarten. Look for innovative ways to spread a little kindness around as you go about your day. By sharing with others, you’ll feel more fulfilled, too.  

Start with a hello. 

One of the best resources to share with others is your time. Simply giving someone the respect of eye contact and a warm “hello” can do wonders to brighten their day. It might take an extra moment to look up when collecting your coffee, but the smile you’ll share with the person in front of you is worth it.  

Show you care by lending an ear.  

Being willing to share your time also means agreeing to sit down with someone to help them work through a problem or just to listen if they need. Think about what other expertise you can offer (look here to learn more about using your talents to benefit others).   

Donate what you don’t need.  

While your old blanket, jacket, or slightly scuffed mixing bowl might seem insignificant to you, they could make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Make it a habit to continuously round up unused items around your house to donate to others. This means less waste going into the garbage and more accessible items for people in need. Not holding on too tightly to material “stuff” is also a great example to others about what’s truly important.

Someone is holding a freshly-baked loaf of bread in their hands wrapped in a white dish towel.

Share your story and show your care. 

Be bold enough to open up to others and learn something new about them in return. If you’re uncomfortable approaching new people, practice, improve your conversation skills. Know that, like all good things—sharing with others takes time. So, whether it benefits the planet by having fewer cars on the road or benefits your life with new friendships, sharing really is caring.   

One wonderful way to show you care … invite others over for food and fellowship. Check out our tips for hosting a summertime hangout