Three Ways to Regain Your Focus 

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Personal Development

We’re pulled in a million directions all the time—from work tasks to family jobs to personal projects. Not only this, but our minds are constantly distracted by notifications dinging, emails coming in, and our thoughts wandering off to other places. What’s for dinner? Did I start the laundry? Where should we go this weekend? We understand that staying focused can be tough … but it’s so important when you need to get things done. We want you to achieve all your goals, and then some! Check out our tips for regaining your focus when distractions creep in.  

Write down an action plan.  

Otherwise known as a “to-do” list, we’re all about focusing your attention on specific tasks versus unquantifiable projects. Once you’ve written out a list of what you need to accomplish, number each item in order of priority. If it’s critical that you get it done that day, give it a “1” and start with that item first. This way, you’re fresh, ready, and at your creative peak when you start on your priority projects. Even if other items get added down the line, you’ll have at least accomplished this important task.  

Eliminate distractions.  

We know you have a lot vying for your time and attention … noises coming from other rooms, the window, your headphones, etc. So, it’s up to you to proactively stop distractions before they happen. Close unnecessary tabs on your web browser. Set your phone to “silent” during specific work hours. Play calming instrumental music or white noise, so you don’t lose your train of thought every time a car horn honks.  

Take a deep breath.  

One of the best ways to stay focused is to find calm in the chaos.  

  • If your desk space is disorganized, clean it up.  
  • If your headspace is cloudy, try surrounding yourself with calming smells by lighting a candle or turning on a diffuser. 
  • Taking a slow sip of warm tea can help, too (we love this soothing, yet energizing oolong option).  
 A yellow and green cup and pot of tea, vase of flowers, and lemon-shaped sugar bowl sit in front of a window with a vase of daffodils, as the sun streams in.

Finally, we recommend working on a batch of similar tasks all at once, versus flitting from task-to-task (otherwise known as task batching instead of multitasking). Practice mindfulness as you keep your attention on what you’re doing rather than what comes next. In short, stay focused, friends. The good news is that if you continue being productive and getting your work done efficiently, you’ll likely have time to head outdoors to enjoy socializing and sunshine after a job well done! Read more insights on how to stay focused on your work when you’d rather be outside, here.

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