Common Characteristics of Successful People  

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Business Ownership, Personal Development

There are plenty of reasons why some people obtain success, while others don’t. Some people are born successful, whereas others build their success from the ground up, but one thing that most people don’t realize is that you can find shared characteristics among those who rise above the rest. Even though we’re talking about the characteristics of successful people, the good news is that you don’t have to change your personality in order to build your own version of success! 

Let’s look at the shared qualities of successful people. 

Successful People are Organized 

The first step to a more successful life is to get organized, especially at home. It is so much easier to be motivated to work when you don’t have the stress and negativity of a messy space to drag you down.

Organizing the rest of your life is another matter altogether. The problem most people have is taking on the world without a master plan. They address each problem as they are presented, and not a moment before. For a few people this may be true, but the reality is that most of us are just not that good at improvising.   

Having a digital planning app like Asana™ is a great way to visualize your game plan and include your team at the same time. Have a plan, be prepared, and you’ll be ready to tackle any obstacle. 

Successful People are Optimistic 

Successful people have a positive outlook on life! The power of positive thinking is a proven pathway to success. Research shows that successful people attribute a large chunk of their triumphs to optimism, and their positive outlook on life. 

Having an optimistic outlook makes you more equipped to handle loss and defeat. If you are a negative thinker and you suffer a loss of some kind, you’re more likely to focus on the bad side of what happened. Those who remain positive can see the hope in every situation and grow from the experience instead of letting it drag them down. Optimism combined with a growth mindset is almost unbeatable. 

Successful People are Adventurous 

Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. It might not be the easiest characteristic to learn, but those who routinely take risks and don’t let fear drive their goals or ambitions are proven to be more successful in their lives. There are plenty of reasons for this. One of the biggest is the more risks you take, the less you are afraid of failure. You will experience failure, as everyone does, so why fear it? It’s not about the mistakes you make, it’s how you learn to handle them and how quickly you recover. 

Another advantage to being adventurous is that it constantly requires you to set a higher standard for yourself and for those around you. You learn to keep striving for the goals that seem impossible, and you become more resilient in the process.   

Strive for Success 

Successful people know what they want. Seeing examples of success is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Look at people you admire and figure out what characteristics they have that helped their success. Set your goals high, keep reaching for them, and you’re bound to see growth in yourself. 

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