Finding Your Productivity Groove  

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Business Ownership, Personal Development

Your chair is two inches too low, your tea is now cold, and your office is eerily quiet … there’s no wonder that you’re feeling more “stuck” than productive as you sit down to work. While it may take a little bit longer to get started on answering emails, setting up your ideal environment for maximum productivity is worth the extra effort. We’ve put together some helpful tips for finding your work groove.  

A silver laptop sits open on a black table with a mug of tea and a flourishing green potted plant sitting nearby.

Create calm and comfort.  

It’s hard to stay focused when your environment is cluttered and chaotic. Do you get easily distracted by loud noise? Brainstorm ways to shut out distractions with noise canceling headphones or by simply relocating your laptop or temporarily closing a door. Then, use this guide to ensure your office chair is set to your ideal specifications.

Next, tune into your senses. What sights and smells might soothe you, so that you can turn your full attention to your work? Read this article for tips on which plants might work best for your space based on required maintenance levels, necessary light, and their ability to reduce air pollutants. Bonus—incorporating plants into your office has also been proven to increase productivity. Recognize, also, that rather than adding something, creating calm might mean taking something away. The simple act of decluttering can aid in reducing stress and increasing performance. 

A colorful painting in various hues of blues, yellows, and reds is full of interesting textures and lines.

Find Inspiration in your environment.  

Whether it’s a painting you love, a poem that speaks to you, or a picture of your “why,” place inspiring elements all around your workspace. What are you surrounded by when you feel happiest, at ease, and in your element? This might mean particular colors, textures, or shapes.  

  • Add a hexagon planter box.
  • Hang textured wallpaper.
  • Put up a colorful painting. Blue and green have been shown to promote calm. 
  • Incorporate lighting. A well-lit space will ensure that you can see what you’re working on and will keep you feeling awake, and ready to engage in productivity. Consider a fixture with a dimmer if you want to be able to adjust the light’s intensity to match your mood.  

Move for productivity.  

No matter how comfortable your space is, it doesn’t mean you should camp out there all day. Find reasons to get up and stretch your legs to ensure good blood flow and to give your brain a break from staring at the computer. This might mean a midday workout, trips to fill up your water bottle, or taking a phone call while walking around the block.  

Switch it up! 

As you’re adding flair to your space, look for items that can be easily changed or adapted in case your preferences change, too! Rather than investing in a fancy original work of art, for instance, consider buying an inexpensive print. Having several flexible features in your space encourages you to adapt based on your ebbing emotions and adapting preferences.  

Most importantly, finding YOUR groove is all about you. It doesn’t matter if purple isn’t everyone’s favorite color, if it’s yours, use it! Adding pops of personality will ensure your happiness as you hum along producing quality work and creating a lasting impact on others.  

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