Four Qualities To Develop To Be A Great Travel Companion

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Travel

Unique destinations, interesting activities, and breathtaking sights are some of the factors that define a great trip. Yet apart from those mentioned, there is another important factor that can greatly affect how your trip will go – the attitudes and qualities of your travel companions. Some travel buddies can make any situation look worse than it is and can then ruin the trip for everyone. Meanwhile, there are travel buddies who seem to make the journey easier. 

What kind of travel companion do you wish to be? It is safe to assume that you would rather be someone whose mere presence makes the excursion more enjoyable. Thus, here are five skills and qualities you may want to develop to be the travel buddy everyone would like to have:

Navigation skills.  

Exploring a new place will feel like a burden rather than a treat if you keep on getting lost. It will then feel like a great blessing to have a travel buddy with a great sense of direction. The ability to read a map or compass and knowing how to estimate distances will lessen the stress out of a trip. You will also be able to maximize your travel time because you can save hours you might’ve spent on trying to locate a place. 


Unexpected things can happen no matter how much research or preparation you do. You may find that you were not able to pack enough clothes or brought enough food way too late into your trip. Or drive to a restaurant you planned on having dinner only to discover it is closed. In these situations, the ability to come up with quick solutions can save the day. As a resourceful person, you do not allow small mishaps to get you down because you know how to make do with what you have. 


Traveling is like a date with unfamiliar things such as an exotic dish, weird beliefs, or a strange custom. This makes traveling a way to widen our knowledge and at the same time teaches us to show respect amid differences. However, the benefits of traveling will depend on how open you are to accepting new ideas. Travelers who get scared of unusual things can make your trip a frightening one. But a companion who is willing to try new things makes your travel a learning experience. 


Traveling is a way to destress but it may feel otherwise if you have pessimistic people on the trip. Their negative way of thinking can even influence others to feel gloomy as well. On the other hand, people with a sunny disposition can instantly lift the mood of others. You want everyone smiling and laughing all throughout the trip, so along with a positive attitude, a good sense of humor is also a must.

Everyone wants a trip that goes just the way it is planned. Thus, we carefully arrange all details to make it as memorable and perfect as it can be. However, at the end of the day, you may just see that all you need to have is a great companion.