Increasing Customer Loyalty

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Business Ownership

Do you have a favorite company or brand that just makes you happy? A pastry shop that has you smiling every time you walk in or a locally-owned gift store you always visit when you need a present? Your loyalty toward these businesses likely goes beyond the actual products you purchase. You’re impressed by the company’s culture and mission, too. Aligning yourself with these intangible benefits keeps you coming back. So, how do you create loyalty in your own brand or business? Read on for our top four tactics.  

Be consistent.  

Customers want the same, high-quality experience every time they engage with you. This means on-time delivery and responsive communication. Make sure you have clear processes and systems in place so that the same awesome situation is replicated with every customer. Be proud of the product or service you produce. Every. Single. Time.  

Provide amazing customer service.  

You want your clients to leave smiling! Mishaps happen. That’s just a fact of life. If you mess up or your product has a mistake in manufacturing every so often, that’s okay. No one can expect you to be perfect. But they expect you to make it right. If your customer experiences an issue, ensure that you resolve it with an apology, a replacement, etc. It’s up to you to guarantee they leave happy. After a purchase, follow up with customers to ensure they got exactly what they needed and that they are beyond satisfied. Is there anything you could’ve done differently to make their customer experience even better? Ask!  

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Make sure your products or services matter.  

Take the time to understand what problems your customers are facing and show them how you can provide an amazing solution. If you’re helping a busy working mom, how can your products provide her with added energy in the morning or increased calm in the evenings (such as an amazing face mask)? Make it your mission to assist her in being her best self. Let’s say your clients live in an area with air pollutants and allergens. Do you have any unique products that could specifically serve this demographic? Understand their needs and anticipate what issues might come up. Then, go out of your way to make them happy!  

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Go beyond the expected.  

Next, spend time brainstorming ideas to spoil your customers in ways they’d never expect. Can you send them samples of a new product or one of your favorites, or mail them a handwritten thank you card to express your appreciation for their business? If they have a unique idea for an order, can you go above and beyond to make it happen? Think creatively here and really wow them!  

What else can you add to this list? Continue brainstorming as you cater these ideas to your own business. Now, you’re ready to impress your clients and keep them coming back for years to come.  

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