Tips To Keep Family Bond Tight Despite The Distance

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Family

Other things may change,
But we start and end with family
– Anonymous quote

Everybody knows that nothing stays the same. Even in supposedly permanent things such as family; situations change, priorities shift, and people move on. One moment, your whole family is living under the same roof. You, your spouse, and children are together almost all the time, making it relatively easier to form a strong bond with each other. But kids grow up too soon and before you know it, it is time to let your young ones pursue their dreams by themselves. When children start leaving home, parents start to face a new challenge which is the task of keeping the family knit tight and strong as ever despite the distance. If you fail to make an effort, you may just see your family bonds gradually loosening and eventually breaking apart right before your eyes. Prevent this sad occurence from happening with these tips:

Take advantage of technology. 

Connecting to people even when you are miles apart is definitely much easier today than a few years back. Thanks to technology, distance is no longer a hindrance for people to instantly and affordably communicate with each other. Thus, even if you do not consider yourself as tech-savvy, creating a social media account will likely be a wise move. Through these online platforms, parents can keep track of what their children are up to even if they are not physically present. You can also talk to each other via many instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Viber. It may also be a good idea to set up a regular time for communication so you remain a significant part of each other’s lives.

Arrange a visit if you can.

Video chats and phone calls can never beat physical presence. Thus, once you have the time and the means, personally visiting your children who are away from home will likely be a golden moment. Your kids who are living in a new place may be feeling lonely and your actual presence can help them cope with whatever struggle they may be having gracefully. It is advisable to thoroughly plan this trip so you can make the most of your limited time together. 

Be more patient and understanding with each other.

Misunderstandings can still happen when people are not together. Needless to say, patching things up will be more difficult between two people who are separated by miles. Thus, during these times, when a family member is not being sensible, it is better to let things cool down before discussing the problem. You can also prevent conflicts from worsening by deciding to be more patient and understanding with each other. 

With all the changes that you are bound to experience in your life, your family is one thing you can count on to remain constant. They are people you can expect to remain by your side despite everything.  Thus, do not allow mundane things such as distance to steer you away from the people you truly care about.