Four Tips To Make Your Sabbatical Travels More Meaningful

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Travel

After working in the same company for years, some employees get the chance to file for a sabbatical leave. Others can even continue to receive their complete salary even while on a break. It may sound too good to be true but it is in fact a fitting reward for employees who have been loyal to a company for a certain period of time. If you are one of the lucky people who are fortunate to take a sabbatical leave and are wondering how best to spend it, traveling is undoubtedly a great option. 

A change of scenery coupled with new experiences can effectively provide the relaxation and leisure you have always wanted. However, aside from its recreational benefits, sabbatical travel can also be a chance for self-growth and exploration. The following list four tips to make your sabbatical travel adventure more meaningful. 

Fulfill a bucket list item.

Is there a special destination you have always wanted to visit? You probably wanted to try a certain activity in this place as well. Maybe you wish to take a stroll along the Great Wall of China or take an epic road trip to a US state. Or you may want to try a local delicacy or attend a popular event in a quaint foreign town. Make your sabbatical travel more memorable by taking the time to fulfill items in your bucket list. 

Learn a new skill.

You might be on a break but your chance for a job promotion or salary increase can still be possible upon your return. That is if you use your sabbatical leave as a chance to learn a new skill. You can take a short course on something that will upgrade your competencies and increase your knowledge. It may be a little challenging goal to travel and study at the same time but the rewards you will gain will surely be worth it.  

Try a new career.

To travel and work is another wise option for those who love hitting two birds with one stone. It is also a chance to explore other fields or careers like teaching or writing. One way to do this is by sending job applications to companies in your choice of destinations before your sabbatical leave. You may even discover your life’s purpose at the end of your sabbatical.

Do something good for others.

Your career or work schedule may have prevented you from answering calls for volunteerism in the past. With your sabbatical leave privilege, you now have free time to extend help to others. Another good news is that it is something you can do while traveling. You can apply to be a part of groups that organize worthy causes to far-flung areas. Aside from the satisfaction of doing good to others, you also get a chance to closely mingle with the locals, giving you in-depth knowledge about the place you are exploring.

Who would say no to the idea of taking a sabbatical leave? The chance to enjoy a long vacation with the assurance that your job will still be waiting upon your return is one of the best perks that a firm can offer to their employees. As not everyone gets the chance to take a sabbatical leave, those who do should make sure to make the most out of this privilege.