Seven Ways to Explore More of Your Town 

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Travel

Adventuring doesn’t mean that you have to plan a big vacation and head to a far-off destination. Adventure is what you make it and can be done in your own backyard. If you simply explore more and adventure right where you’re at, you’ll satisfy your sense of wonder.  

So, we’ve gathered seven fun ways to help you explore more of your own town. Enjoy! 

Get active.

There’s no better way to see the world around you than to get outside! It’s time to get active around town with these ideas: 

  • Go for a bike ride. 
  • Take a stroll along your downtown streets. 
  • Find a local hiking trail to wander. 
  • Register for a hometown race and find a training group. 

Not only will getting active allow you to explore more of your city, your mental and physical health will also benefit by getting outside! It’s a win-win.  

Eat local. 

If you’re heading out for a date night with your significant other or meeting a friend for lunch, try a new local spot! Skip the big chain restaurants when you can, and support your local businesses. Not sure where to start? Head to Yelp™ to find your next favorite place to eat! 

A building overhand on a downtown street has the word “local” on it.

Shop small. 

In the spirit of eating local, we encourage you to shop local, as well. As often as you can, choose to do gift and clothes shopping at small business boutiques. This allows you to explore more of your city and support small businesses while you’re at it. 

Another great way to shop small is to head to the local farmer’s markets while they are in season! Oftentimes, small boutique shops will have a booth. What a great way to find new places to shop! 

Explore a museum. 

You may have a museum in your city that you didn’t know about! Even small museums about local history offer a unique and fun way to learn more about your town. Whether you live in an area with a famous museum or not, do a quick Google™ search to find your next family outing. 

A blurred image of people at a farmer’s market with a wooden table in the foreground.

Attend festivals. 

Whether it be a local music festival, art festival, cultural festival, or even a county or state fair, find your hometown events and be a part of the magic. You will meet new people, find new businesses to support, and eat delicious food along the way. 

Serve your community. 

An amazing way to explore more of your city is to serve it. Find ways to serve others and give back to your community through your local church or your city government website. Not only will you get to see more of your town, but you’ll help make it a better place too. 

A signpost has four direction arrows on it that read, “spring”, “summer”, “autumn”, and “winter”.

Enjoy each season. 

It’s easy to imagine adventuring around town in the spring and summertime when the weather is perfect for outdoor fun. But imagine discovering everything your town has to offer in every season! Especially if you live in an area that experiences the four seasons of the year, make the time to enjoy fun in the sun, the changing leaves, the chill of a snowy day, and the flowers of spring! 

Explore more and have fun! 

Adventure is everywhere! Be enamored by all there is to be experienced around you. You might even fall in love with your city all over again. 

And speaking of your own backyard, bringing the fun to you is always an option. 😉 Check out our blog on hosting the perfect summer hangout