Trying To Lose Weight? Eat More Of These Food

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Fitness, Food

One of the simplest ways to gauge a person’s health is by his or her weight. Although it can be deceiving, there is still a lot you can tell about one’s physical health by its outward appearance. This is why if you wish to keep your body strong and disease-free, you should maintain a healthier you. Take it one step at a time and begin by filling your diet with food that can help you shed off the extra pounds. The following lists down some suggestions:

Fruits and Vegetables

While generally good for us, not all fruits and veggies can aid in losing weight. The high calorie and sugar content in fruits such as mangoes and avocadoes can make you gain instead of lose. So to slim down, you can minimize intake of the said fruits and eat more of the following:

·         Apples and grapefruit. Both are high in fiber and with less calories. A study also showed that drinking grapefruit juice before meals can improve cholesterol levels and result in weight loss. There are research studies as well showing that apples can reduce body fat.

·         Kiwis – This is another high-fiber fruit that is also packed with nutrients that have been linked to many health benefits such as better digestion and lower blood sugar level.

·         Other citrus fruits such as lemon and oranges can also make it easier to achieve your desired weight. It can even boost your immune system.

Likewise, you may have to watch your intake of starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and corn and eat more fat-burning veggies such as the following:

·         Pumpkin. High in fiber and with less calories, this is a vegetable you can eat without worrying about weight gain. A study also confirmed that pumpkin can ward off diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

·         Spinach. Your diet should be rich with leafy greens such as spinach that is loaded with vitamins and minerals.


It may be tough to lessen the intake of carbohydrates, such as white rice and white bread. However, you can easily maintain a low-carb diet by choosing alternatives such as wheat bread and brown rice. Quinoa and oatmeal are also rich in carbohydrates but would not add extra pounds.


The high amount of saturated fat in red meat such as beef and pork can make it harder to lose weight. It is better to eat more chicken without the skin and fish such as tuna and salmon. Tofu is another plant-based alternative to meat that is tasty and filling


For liquids, you want to avoid sugary drinks such as sodas and artificial juices. It is also better to cut back on the cups of coffee you consume each day because the caffeine content has been linked to bloating and indigestion. You can switch to green tea instead which is antioxidant. Drinking plain lukewarm water before meals is also one way to prevent overeating. You can also stay hydrated and keep extra weight at bay by drinking lemon water.

Your diet is a huge factor in the state of your overall health. Though there are food and drinks to avoid, it is all about maintaining a balanced diet and eating in moderation.